fashion events in pittsburgh are definitely becoming more and more common, and each one seems to be a bit better than the last. we finally have our own fashion week, and there is definitely a community of fashion lovers here.

last weekend, i was lucky enough to get invited to a fashion show called “ultraviolet” by my fantastic friend jay at the opening of a new club in pittsburgh’s strip district called cavo. the show had it’s glitches (namely the fact that the different boutiques and designers were not clearly or accurately announced, i mean come on) BUT the models were great and there were a TON of great pieces!

two of the boutiques featured were groovy second hand spot clothes minded and a favorite vintage spot of mine highway robbery (that’s jay being perfect in the video on their front page). i also got the chance to sit next to local designer, lana neumeyer, who’s collection opened the first show at pittsburgh fashion week this monday. what a treat!

all in all, i was really pleased and proud to be a part of the fashion world here in pittsburgh!

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